Keywords... Is there any point for Google?

Keyword or Not to Keyword, That is the Question

Depending on who you ask keywords are an integral aspect of search engine optimization or they are totally ignored by all search engines including Google. I'm still split on this.

Maybe Google uses them, maybe it doesn't. It looks at them enough to spot keyword misuse (keyword stuffing). At worst, Google doesn't penalize appropriate keyword use. At best it does pay attention to them and uses them as one of the over 200 variables involved in page ranking. I belief the truth is somewhere in between; I don't think they can be ignored as they are infinitely controllable and may have an effect.

There is also a psychological effect of keyword use. Google wants sites and pages that are clear on content. Choosing a main keyword for a page helps you to focus the content, the images, the theme of the page. Google loves that. It wants to see every element aligning so that it understands exactly what the page is about and can confidently recommend it to the search engine users. A defined keyword for every page will help to ensure that Google knows as well as you exactly what this page is about.