Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization in it's essense is all the things you do on your website (on-page) and all the things you do off your website (off-page) that effect how well your site and its pages show up in search engines like Google. At ReFind we strive to offer effective, reasonably priced SEO options that specifically meet the needs of small business owners. And we make some promises about this:

  • We won't do the work if we can't do it well.

Before starting a job we'll review the site and its current search results. If we don't think we can make a noticable difference we'll refer you to a firm that we think can help you.

  • The results will be noticable and monitorable.

We can't guarentee #1 page rank for your keywords, but we can guarentee that you will see improvement. With every site we install Google Analytics, Alexa, and other tools that allow you to see how many people are visiting your site, where they are coming from, and a host of other data that will allow you to see empirically the results of our work.

  • You'll understand what we did and how to do it yourself.

Let us take the mystery out of SEO. When we complete work on your site you will receive a report of what was done and how you can replicate it in the future. To be super clear, we will give you all the information on what changes were made, what tools were used, and how it was all done so that as you add to and update your site, you can do the same things yourself.

Search engine optimization isn't rocket science. It's a matter of knowing what search engines are looking for, understanding how they work, and ensuring that each page of a site conforms to those expectations. If you follow these simple rules consistantly, your page rankings will improve. We can get you started and you can take it from there!

Service Description Price
Site Optimization (up to 5 pages) Tool installation, keyword research, optimization,
linking strategies


Additional Pages Keyword  research and optimization $30.00/page
SEO Report For those who want to master their own Google destiny! A comprehnesive, customized report about your site, what needs to be done to improve your rankings, and how to do it! $100.00