VTiger 6.4 Uploading Documents

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The VTiger Uploading Documents Problem

Essentially, for a lot of installations, the Document module just seemed to be broken. There were a lot of options thrown around, and trust me, I tried them all. Not one of them worked for me. A friend of mine (shout out to Dmitriy!), who is a very accomplished programmer, tinkered around and fixed it. There are no custom modules involved, no band-aid fixes. (In fact, this isn't a Document module issue at all. Same challenges for uploading Contact images, company logos, etc. Basically anywhere that you upload files.)

Here are some links to the ongoing discussions around the document upload, "white page" issue:

The Uploading Files Solution

I'm not going to pretend to understand what the problem really was. My PHP understanding is very limited. My friend explained that a new version of PHP had come out and VTiger had not updated these four key files to take that into considersation.

Open these files in the text editor of your choice and then resave as .php (not .php.txt as I have them for security reasons.)

Essentially all you need to do is upload these files to replace the existing ones. I of course strongly recommend saving the original files in case of a disaster. Once you have saved the originals, upload these files in their place. Clear your caches etc etc and all should work as it should.

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