VTiger 6.4 Customizing the Login Page

Make it Yours (or Theirs)

Nothing says customized like a client specific login page. It just looks so professional. And it's not that big a deal. Just gotta know the right file.

The file you need to change is: root/layouts/vlayout/modules/Users/Login.Default.tpl. As always, make sure you take reasonable precautions by saving original files before altering any code or uploading new files.

Now I'm not going to go through the entire thing. There are lots of little pieces that can be changed. Too many options. You can do anything from deleting everything but the login box to changing everything and inserting your own slider images. The sky is the limit. But here are a few things I like to do.

  • Change logo to the client's logo
  • Change hrefs to your own links as needed
  • Change the sliders to just HTML. I usually create a "Tips for Users" with some basic info on naming conventions, or importing, or something like that.
  • Replace VTiger login with something like, "Login to <Client> Database"
  • Remove or replace the background image
  • Remove the footer information entirely

In the end, I don't think adding piles of bells and whistles to this page is important or neccessary. Some basic branding is all that is needed for most clients. They see it for all of 4.3 seconds when logging in. They just want to feel like they are logging into their CRM.

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