What is a CRM, a CMS, and VTiger

What is a CRM system?What is a CRM system

A CRM system (or Customer Relationship Manager) is essentially a database that allows you to track your customers, marketing, sales, and a host of other options. There are innumberable options for businesses including giants such as SalesForce and Microsoft Dynamics along with smaller scaled options like SugarCRM and Zoho. At Refind we use VTiger 6.4 because it offers the best cost efficiency, customizabilty, and scalability.

Ideally, any CRM should meet a few criteria for your organization.

  • Is it scalable to meet your needs? Not only does it need to match your requirements now, but it also needs to scale for the future of your organization. That may include changes in your organization's size, product lines, customer base, sales platforms and much more.
  • Is it easily (and cost-effectively) customizable? No CRM system comes out of the box perfect for your business. Changes may be small or large, but you have to be able to make them... either yourself or at a reasonable price.
  • Can you afford it? Pricing for CRM's varies hugely, and often there are "hidden" costs. The initial price tag often only covers the "out-of-the-box" CRM. Are you paying monthly for cloud hosting? Does each new user add to the monthly cost? Is customization included or hourly? You need to know the answers to all these questions before knowing if you budget can handle any given CRM solution.

See ReFind's Options, Benefits, and Pricing for CRMs

What is a CMS?

A CMS in this context is a Case Management System or Case Management Software. It allows non-profits to track clients, the services provided, activities in the form of case records, and a lot of other things. It is very similar to a CRM (both are databases), just applied a bit differently.

There are a lot fewer case management software options available. And the prices usually start out at fairly high and go up to astronomical. In Canada, the two most popular are Sumac and ShareVision. At Refind we have completely re-engineered VTiger to create a spectacular case management system. It's capability is far beyond that of Sumac and a fraction of the cost of ShareVision.

As with a CRM you want to insure that your non-profit CMS is scalable, customizable, and affordable.

See ReFind's Options, Benefits, and Pricing for CMSs

What is VTiger?

VTiger is an open source CRM. It offers the power of systems like SalesForce or ShareVision at a cost that is often less than the "budget" options such as Zoho or Sumac. The challenge with VTiger for small businesses and non-profits is that initial installation and customization is somewhat arduous and technical. The end product offers the ease-of-use and flexibility of more popular options, but getting there can be a hassle for the uninitiated.

That's where ReFind comes in. We have created five basic platforms using VTiger 6.4 to meet the most common needs of small businesses and non-profits. From there, each of these "basic" platforms are customized to meet your organizations specific needs. And we leave you with the tools to continue growing your platform. From basic field customization and adding new users to large-scale module activation and source code access, you will have the power and tools.