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Best TED Talk - Design and flags

If you have not yet seen this TED talk, it is well worth it. Funny, beautifully presented, and he has a point about flags in particular and design in general.

I don't claim to be a guru coder or even a top expert on VTiger. But I have discovered some solutions to common issues with VTiger 6.4. Three big ones I've found: Uploading documents and files, customizing the login page, and changing the module names.

CRM, CMS, Case Management, Non-Profit, Small Business, Victoria BC

What is a CRM? What is a CMS? What is VTiger? All your essential questions about business and non-profit databases answered!

Obviously there are many technical aspects of creating and launching a website: choosing a domain name, building it using Drupal or WordPress, adding functionality, and much more. At ReFind we follow some simple rules with every website to ensure that it helps your business to grow.

Sumac and VTiger offer a lot of similar capabilities around contact and income tracking. But there are big differences when it comes to power and flexibility. Find out why VTiger by ReFind takes Sumac hands down!


The vast majority of websites have search bars. Why? Before adding a search bar, think about the reasons why you should or shouldn't have such functionality.

Logos are more than just pretty pictures, they are a visual representation of your organization. 3 simple ideas to make your logo work for you!

Depending on who you ask keywords are an integral aspect of search engine optimization or they are totally ignored by all search engines including Google. Why your brain (if not Google) benefits from keyword metatags.

Small business logo and graphic design

Iconography is the "image" code of your organization. Find out some simple guidelines on how to use it to effectively brand your business

Google page rank, small business SEO, search engine optimization

With search engine optimization or “SEO” the gold standard is you Google page rank. Everyone is shooting for #1. And most websites, even with great SEO don’t get there. So what does a less than perfect page ranking mean to your website?